The Beginning of Little Footprints

For us, Little Green Hampster is easily the best thing to come out of the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the lockdown in Melbourne, life was suddenly bound to four walls, and so we had much more time to think about what truly matters in our lives.

In everyday life, before this era-defining moment, we worked, played, shopped, and went out on the town. In retrospect, this was the norm - a cycle of behaviours difficult to step out of.

When the COVID pandemic hit, the norm stopped. We were forced to go within – within our homes, and within our minds. We missed our loved ones immensely and anticipated the time we could meet with them again. The feeling of love, and even lost love, seemed to be emanating from society on a deeper level of consciousness.

Walking past all of the homes with drawings of rainbows in their windows – we wanted to feel hopeful. However, did we hope for normality, or for something better?

Recognising unnecessary waste around us

One night in August 2020, when the lockdown was at its worst, 2 long-term friends who shared a lot in common had a heart-to-heart … The question was popped, ‘Would you be interested to help reduce waste in the world?’

Our day-to-day lives create so much unnecessary waste. It’s having a detrimental effect on this beautiful planet. We need to change some of our everyday actions, making conscious choices instead of living life as though it’s ‘business as usual’. Collectively, this will make a positive impact to reduce our ecological footprint in the world.

The act of giving

The global pandemic of 2020 also made us think about the act of giving. A gift can be a kind word, a present, an act of service, a hug, or simply spending time together with someone you care for. You can even do a combination of these, melded together to form a unique experience. How you give is how you express yourself, how you articulate your feelings. Giving comes in so many different forms, and sometimes the act can transform a person’s life.

The catalyst for Little Green Hampster

On the 21st August 2020, a date we won’t easily forget, one of us received a package delivery from a friend who lived on the other side of town. As we weren’t allowed to travel more than 5kms from our homes, it was a total surprise. In the package, they sent 1 cup of orange juice, 2 egg-and-bacon rolls, 1 cookie, 1 milkshake, 2 muffins, a timely book, a bag of chai tea, and a loved-filled rose quartz crystal.

A day we won’t easily forget amplified by joy, gratitude, and appreciation.

‘I felt like a queen when I opened the package.’

They replied, ‘Darling, you should feel like that every day.’

Here we are with Little Green Hampster

This experience was one of the biggest highlights during the 7-month city lockdown … a simple, kind gesture of unconditional love from a friend who just wanted to make someone happy. We delved a little deeper into that feeling and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could feel this way from time to time?’ We’d love to help people articulate their feelings and appreciation for one another, and in the most sustainable way possible.

Before you know it - Boom! The idea of Little Green Hampster was born into the world. It feels right, and that feeling is uplifting.

‘Positive giving creates positive feelings.’