Who are the Little Green Hampsters?

Little Green Hampster was an accident bound to happen. It occurred when the two co-founders/friends realised something needed to be done for their planet, their children, and themselves – and no matter how small the action, it could make a difference. How better to make an impact than by doing it yourself!

The focus would be on sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious gift hampers via a shared love for the natural world, and an understanding of how the giving of gifts can enhance relationships between people.

After working in the corporate sphere for many years we decided there must be a better way to reduce waste when giving gifts to employees, clients, and friends, while simultaneously filling each gift hamper with items that resonate on an emotive level.

We searched far and wide for premium quality products we’d normally choose to use ourselves, as there’s no better way to vouch for something than if you have experienced and enjoyed it yourself. The result is Little Green Hampster – gift hampers focused on reducing one’s ecological footprint (hence the hamster’s tiny paws), ‘green’ due to the emphasis on reusability, upcycling, recycling, biodegradability, renewable products and resources.

Journey towards zero waste

Our ‘Journey towards zero waste’ started a few years before Little Green Hampster. After being introduced to a waste-free lifestyle, our eyes were opened to a new, different way of living in the world. We began to realise the amount of waste being created in our everyday lives, and so started searching for various ways to live a life without waste.

The LGH Mission – Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose

The mission of Little Green Hampster is to challenge the status quo of traditional gift giving by making it a heart-warming experience – yet creating as little waste possible throughout the process. It’s not an uncommon experience to have to peel off multiple layers of packaging just to unwrap a simple gift. The act of giving could be made with good intentions, but with little consideration to the amount of waste being created.

Recycle – Little Green Hampster’s packaging materials are 98% recyclable, with only one or two items going directly to landfill. We continue to source for alternatives and aim to offer 100% recyclable materials across all packaging for our hampers as well as the products within.

Reuse – We encourage you to reuse all of our hamper items. This is one of the best methods to evolve away from the ‘throw-away’ culture. For example, one of the easiest items from our hampers to reuse are our ribbons. Little Green Hampster selects beautiful ribbons made of natural materials, and you’re most welcome to reuse them for wrapping up a gift, or for regifting.

Repurpose – For rare items in our sustainable gift hampers that can’t be recycled or reused, we strongly encourage you to repurpose them. This act is also known as ‘upcycling’. The possibilities of upcycling are limitless. Try repurposing our hamper boxes to store supplies. Use glass mason jars as pen holders or planter pots.

We love to see visual examples of how our customers’ creativity and imagination expands the bounds of normality. We continue to find products that are locally made, organic, and designed for minimal waste. Little Green Hampster aims to create bundles of gifts to spark joy, but without covering the surfacing of the planet with wrapping and rubbish.

LGH Packaging

One of the most crucial elements of LGH gift hampers is the focus on minimal waste packaging. We source everything from local Australian suppliers, from packing boxes, to the wood wool surrounding each hamper’s contents.

We also include various sizes of wooden boxes sustainably sourced from plantation Paulownia Timber, renowned for both its light weight and strength. Little Green Hampster has eliminated tissue paper and stickers inside of our eco-friendly gift hampers to avoid the potential for any unnecessary waste. We keep LGH hampers minimal, yet elegant.