Little Green Hampster at the Beach in Melbourne (Little Girl)

As the Roman philosopher Seneca put it, ‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.’ 

While Stage 4 lockdown was coming to an end here in Melbourne, Victoria, Little Green Hampster (L.G.H.) was born, offering us a way to channel our passion for a sustainable future.

As the co-founders of Little Green Hampster, our journey to zero waste started a while back, but now that L.G.H. has come to the fore, a new path has begun with a bigger and broader platform.

We’re going to do our utmost to change the status quo in the gift giving industry, tackling excess packaging waste in hamper boxes while still delivering a positive experience – we think we’ll actually be increasing the levels of quality and joy! Our focus is also on spreading friendship, gratitude, love, resilience, and conscious awareness through the grand gesture of giving to another.

L.G.H. wasn’t established simply to make hampers eco-friendlier, but to create a positive, joyful experience in addition to a positive impact on our surrounding environment.

With one’s individual effort it may not seem like we’re making much of a difference in the world. That said, the ‘butterfly effect’ of spreading generosity and joy via the act of giving sustainable gifts could result in an expansion of the community of zero waste gift givers. One thought can pass into humanity’s collective unconscious. One action can lead to reactions in kind. Where one makes a path, others may follow.

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